Book 9-10: A soldier's Duty, Thicker than Water

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9. A Soldier’s Duty

Can we truly understand the atrocities we are capable of with the right justification?
Many people can defer their actions to a superior who commanded them. Others really believe their actions are righteous. A means to an end. Good intentions. Lies upon lies we are told and tell ourselves to justify horror. When the waves of justification come crashing down on a society and culture there are always a few, however, who cannot or will not condone these crimes against humanity, and they will oppose them in any way they can...

10. Thicker than Water

The world is a lonely place especially with all the people in it. Loneliness plagues Bleakheaven just as it does every major city. People are lost and confused, cursed by the injustices of the world. Even if they have people they love, the loneliness is palpable. Those we have in our lives are a gift. We need to do our best to break down the disconnections and build those relationships. Otherwise we will regret it when it’s too late...