For several years the Bleakheaven Team and I have been working hard on building a distinctive and vibrant world full of heroes, oddities, and monsters (both supernatural and human).  We’ve been imagining and refining this passion project with elements from folklore, religion, fantasy, science fiction, and the human experience to create the unique blend that is Bleakheaven.

We are thrilled to begin bringing Bleakheaven to you! It’s our deepest hope you’ll enjoy going on these adventures with our heroes and villains. I hope you can connect with these characters as I have. They are dear friends that I’m excited for you to get to know. The Bleakheaven Team strives to understand these characters as we write them. We know their favorite music, what chores they hate doing, their biggest dreams and regrets, and so much more. 

The foundation of how we craft these stories is based on my own writing theory. I believe that at its base every story needs to answer two questions. The first question is, what is the premise? The premise is the really exciting part, it’s the spaceships and explosions and giant killer robot zombie sharks. It’s what’s in the movie trailers and gets us to say, “Wow that’s awesome!” or “Hmm… interesting.” The second question is, what is this story actually about? This is the part of the story that we latch onto. This is why we care about the story and it’s characters. It’s the human emotion and struggles the characters go through. It may be a man struggling to find purpose in the world, a family under the weight of the crippling effects of divorce, or a young woman trying to cope with depression and loneliness.

This combination of large scale epic adventure and internal human emotion is what Bleakheaven Comics was founded on. We are striving to give you an entertaining experience that means something. Thank you for reading and being a part of this grand adventure with us! 

- Stanley Bostwick