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Credence #0 is an exciting story of three children dealing with bullying, depression, and suicidal thoughts who are caught between powerful forces. On one end a dark creature that amplifies their pain and turns them into horrific monsters. On the other, the Mothman simply known as Burt.

Bleakheaven Comics teamed up with Kirk Smalley and Stand for the Silent (an anti-bullying and suicide prevention charity) to bring this important story into the world and into the hands of both kids and adults alike to help digest these difficult topics and start a conversation. Plus it's all wrapped up in a story about the Mothman fighting really cool monsters.



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Brynoch the Destroyer

Hark adventurer! Gather 'round to hear the harrowing tales of Brynoch and his friends! Join them as they vaguely seek to find the Tome of Radagundus in order to save The Kingdom! At least, as they do all of the side quest along the way.

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Eddie the Yeti Detective

Mysterious creatures have mysteries of their own in the city of Cryptopolas: a dark place filled with all manor of corruption. At least that's how Eddie sees it, and when cryptids like Bigfoot or the Mothman need answers they can only turn to one mythological creature, and that's him.

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