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Welcome to Bleakheaven 3-4: An Important Job, Bo's Experiment

Welcome to Bleakheaven 3-4: An Important Job, Bo's Experiment

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3. An Important Job

Like all cities, Bleakheaven has its elected officials to run and govern it. And like many cities, Bleakheaven has unelected leaders. Those who pull strings in the shadows circulating money, commodities, and people to create vast underground empires with cogs and gears spinning throughout. Like any machine, this conglomeration has wear and tear. Cracks appear, parts wear out, and sometimes things catch fire. In times like these, damage control is everything...

2. Bo’s Experiment

The dilemma between science and morality has plagued humanity since the beginning. How do we draw the line between what is necessary scientifically and what is right morally? Most scientists and physicians today hold close to the ethical treatment of patients and subjects. Learning through the most proper and socially acceptable means. For some, however, this line becomes blurred by the thrill of progression and caffeine...

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