Welcome to Bleakheaven

As our flagship series, Welcome to Bleakheaven serves
as the introduction to this intricate world of science fiction, fantasy, and wonder. This title is a miniseries anthology that covers different characters, groups, and aspects of the city of Bleakheaven. However although each story is separate and self contained, they are all interconnected and tangential to a main story we are excited to get into soon.

From the heroic Skullavan to the villainous Church of the Morning Star, get your feet wet with these exciting tails and unravel the greater story!

The Skullavan

Skullavan was once a seemingly average man doing his best in life. All of that was ripped from him, and now, as all heroes do, he does what he can to put the pieces back together and help others despite obvious horrific setbacks. With sanctuary from The Priest, enhanced strength, near invulnerability, and a cynical sense of humor, he does his best to turn tragedy into hope. Using this strange hand he was dealt he's determined to make a difference.


As the servant of the Morning Star, this modern version of the folklore character boasts incredible power. Thriving off the mental anguish of mortals, he loves using this power to cause all sorts of suffering. However, he is bound and restricted by the inability to interfere directly with the physical world. An inability that is lifted to an extent when a mortal grants this demon power by shaking his hand and sealing a bargain.

Snallygaster and other Demonic Creatures

The Snallygaster is a demonic beast summoned from the Shadow Realm by the Church of the Morning Star. These bizarre creatures come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are usually cyclopsian, but can have two eyes. Tentacles worm their way out of the creature's break to grab and eat their prey.

Snallygasters aren't the only creatures that come from the Shadow Realm. Many like the Pisa or Grootslang are much larger and more terrifying. The Church of the
Morning Star brings these beasts into the world simply because theyare told it's the Morning Star's will.